The Only Relevant KPI for Your Content is Content Success

Discover how content consumers are engaging with your stories. Optimize your articles & content campaigns with CoQua Labs. 

Dedicated Analytical Engine for

Content Creators 

Create your content and set your goals. CoQua Labs' engine will automatically build the analytics behind it.

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Effective Sources

Reveal which channel  generates the best content consumption for your campaigns. 


Elements Resolution

Get data for each content element in the article and learn which are the most effective ones.


Clear Success KPI

Get simple success indications for each article and its content elements.

All the Analytics You Need in Just 5 Minutes 

No developers, No data analysts needed. 

All you need is a few minutes to get content consumption data and optimization insights. 


Copy & Paste

It is easy to apply the content to different content management systems 


Automatic Analytics

When you create content, 

CoQua builds the analytics environment based on the  content types and your goals.


One Click Design

Choose your design easily by selecting one of our themes or build your own website design.

All the Reasons to try CoQua Labs

How can CoQua Labs' content editor help you?

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Pay Only for Relevant Channels

Learn where your money was well invested and pay only for channels that generate content success.


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