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The Only Relevant KPI for Content is Content Success

Discover how content consumers are engaging with your stories. Optimize your articles & content campaigns with CoQua Labs. 

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Content Editor for creators who want to improve
content performance 

Create your articles and set your goals. CoQua Labs' engine will automatically build the analytics behind it and help you optimize them.

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Get actionable suggestion and optimize your content based on user engagement data.

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Referrals ROI

Reveal which referral generates the best content consumption for your content. 

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Content Success KPI

Get simple success indications for each article and its content elements.

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Budget Management

Identify which referral brings better traffic & leads to more efficient content consumption. 

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Elements Resolution

Get exposure & engagement scores for each content element in the article.

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Compare Versions

Think about elements resolutions A\B testing for articles with multiple variants capability.

Create more engaging content
in just 5 minutes of work

No developers, No data analysts are needed. 
All you need is a few minutes to get content consumption data and optimization insights. 

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5 Minutes Work

It takes only 5 minutes more to create content with full analytics suite dedicated to your content's goals.

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Copy & Paste

Implementation in your website is as simple. Just copy CoQua's HTML element and paste in your website. 

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One Click Design

Choose a pre designed theme or ask for a custom design. Switch to get the most impressive design in 1 click.


All the reasons to use CoQua Labs

How can CoQua Labs' content editor help you?


Now you can learn how your content performs and to optimize it -  even if you don't have a Call to Action in the page. 


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