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The 1st content analytics & optimization platform

Optimize any article/blog's texts and structure based on its

consumer behavior data.

Use your content to understand what convinces your audience and improve conversion/awareness campaigns

No Code

Simple to use


Empower your content with technology and data

Optimize each article and its building blocks to maximize your message delivery on awareness and conversions campaigns

Improve conversions

Get insights into the correlation between sales and the content  blocks that encouraged the sale

Optimize your content 

Know which content blocks are performing successfully & where are the failing points.

It's easy to optimize 

Focus on high-yield campaigns only 

Learn how your campaigns  are performing and what is the cost for each engaged consumer

Give your content team superhero powers

Once you set your goals a specific analytics suite is created automatically in the content editor. This enhances your content team with a range of tools to improve the content and to boost overall marketing funnels

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Continuous Optimizations

Get actionable suggestions to optimize your content blocks based on consumers' engagement data


Referrals Effectiveness

Reveal which referral is generating the best content engagement for your articles and blog posts 

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Content Success KPIs

know how your articles and their content blocks are performing based on the  goals you have set


Awareness Campaign KPI 

Improve your funnels by investing in the traffic sources that are generating the highest awareness 

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Content Block Drilldown

Explore how many effective exposures have your content and its blocks and get engagement scores


Versions Management

Learn the performances of different article versions and which version is the most engaging of them all

It takes only 5 minute

No code, No data analysts. 
CoQua Labs' platform editor offers a simple way to create and analyze content success


5 Minutes

Add you content goals and get a fully dedicated analytics suite 


Copy & Paste

Simply paste the content into your CMS and the magic will kick in


1 click design

Choose from a list of stunning article design themes or get a custom one easily


Reach Out

Thanks for submitting! We will reach back to you soon.

We are NOT another
Google Analytics competitor. 

CoQua's only focus is content, engagement and how people react to the messages you are trying to deliver.

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